Engineering manager at Stripe. Previously, open source eng manager at Apollo GraphQL and Meteor.

Converting email newsletters to MP3s

2021-11-21Combining Autocode, AWS Polly, Zapier, and Gmail forwarding to automatically convert newsletter emails to audio

My first steps into engineering management

2021-05-22Throwback to 2016: How I decided to become an EM, and what I learned in the first year

Show, don't tell: Effective resumes for engineers

2021-01-19Putting your best foot forward when applying for a job

Games in the cloud

2020-12-13How close are we to being able to play the games we want anywhere, anytime?

Should you work toward a promotion?

2020-10-19For engineers: how to decide if getting to the next level is the right goal for you

Typography.js: Using scale() and rhythm()

2020-08-11Using a musical scale to define font sizes and layout

Bookmarklets for sending emails and adding todo items

2019-10-05Adding functionality to your browser without using extensions

Building custom GraphQL tooling for your team

2019-07-11Talk: Adapting common GraphQL libraries to your specific needs

A new approach to mocking GraphQL data

2018-12-11How we power React component tests and examples at Stripe

How to write a great technical blog post

2018-08-10Five steps to get from idea to polished result

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